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      Lakeside Middle School

      A School of Arts and Sciences


      Welcome to Lakeside Middle School

      Welcome to Lakeside Middle School


      • Sixth Grade Orientation


        Distance Learning Plan

        While our buildings are closed, school continues through LUSD’s Distance Learning Plan. LUSD teachers worked together to develop common, standards-based lessons for each grade level. Each teacher has built a virtual classroom in which the lessons will be delivered. Access to the lessons and the teachers’ virtual classrooms are provided through the Distance Learning Website.

        Lakeside Union School District Link to Website

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      • Parents of Incoming sixth grade students:

        This has been an extremely unusual year for every school in the country.

        It is our goal to still do everything we can to ease the transition for our incoming sixth grade students and parents.

        LMS will be setting up on line meetings for students and their parents.

        To receive information and e-mails about transitioning to middle school, sign up with your e-mail address here:  Register E Mail


         All Lakeside Union School District schools are closed through Friday April 17th and will resume on Monday April 20th, if conditions allow. Staff e-mails will be checked regularly through April 3.


        Parents / Students - E - Mail Mr. Mull for any reason during the closure. Your e-mail will be directed to community resources, teachers, counselor or to where we can provide support for you. Or e-mail to just check in! smull@lsusd.net


        LMS Events scheduled through April 17 are canceled. We will reschedule if possible. This includes the spring dance, the vaping presentation, open house and the PLAY production. All other parent meetings and events are canceled through April 17.


        Attendance/School Based Probation Officer: Officer Ramirez is working from home and is reaching out to parents. She does have access to many County resources if you have a need or a question feel free to reach her at ddramirez@lsusd.net.


        From Mrs. Carter - Hello families and students, if you have any questions, concerns or need information about resources please email me at scarter@lsusd.net.  I miss all of you and hope you are doing well.


        Jaime Gonzalez, Vice Principal - Students and parents, if you have any questions or in need of any kind of support, feel free to email me at jgonzalez@lsusd.net


        School Assignments – Teachers are e-mailing suggested lessons that students may work on during the closure. We also use Learning Upgrade or Kahn Academy in all math classes. Students are encouraged to use one these programs at least one hour per day during the closure. E Mail your math teacher for login information.


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      Emergency Info

      • This is where emergency notifications will be posted!

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